ALLMINDS is a Geneva based art coaching and teaching platform run by Katya Kaftanova and Stephen Preece. We offer individual and group coaching sessions, catering for students wishing to develop and enhance their applied creative skills. The emphasis of the program is placed upon each individuals ambitions and experience. We offer weekly art sessions as well as weekend workshops which build into a comprehensive program geared to match our participants ambitions.

The mission behind our work is to re imagine education through a learning that bridges the opportunity and skills gap. We serve all age ranges from 11 through to senior citizens, all segments of the population, and all industries. Our programmes are designed to support the work done in schools by preparing students for college, university and various careers. We offer programmes which empower school leaders to advance real-world learning and drive improvement, to develop teachers' skills to facilitate hands-on learning, and to directly engage students in these powerful learning experiences driven by critical and creative thinking and practise. 

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