"Yesterday's session was perfect for me, as I had never thought I could do anything in terms in sketching, but really got on with it.

I love the atmosphere we have at your place - safe and friendly to try things out."

- Steven

"Working with Mr. Preece has been the best decision I ever made. I worked with him for two hours every week for three years and it did wonders for my self confidence and my skills. I got the help I needed in the way I worked best, which was great because it helped me figure who I am, what I wanted and how I worked best. The time with him has helped me get into the university of my dreams with the skills and knowledge to help me succeed in life. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to find the best path for themselves."

- Nikkita  

"You got me to believe in the way that i was expressing things, that it had value and “worked”. I learnt that it was ok that what i made wasn't “pretty” or “technically masterful”. What was important was that I express myself through visual stuff and the message I needed to express had value because it was authentic. It’s something I look for in the arts and in people in general: authenticity. Your teaching was key to building my self-confidence to just get out there and do the wacky stuff without for once doubting in what i was doing, or even caring about what the response might be. That kind of confidence creates solid foundations and are what my earlier work - and to a certain extent my work today - is based on." 

- Victoria 


"During my interior architecture studies Stephen was a great support in helping me realize, achieve and implement visions I was not able to materialise in a concrete way. Without imposing his views he was able to help me conceptualise different approaches to properly deliver the tasks I was assigned. His knowledge in all forms of Arts, discerning capabilities and overall patience with me were critical to my personal development in regards to my motivation to pursue my studies in interior architecture." 

- Sumru 


"Mr Preece is an Art teacher but above all he is a seeker in authenticity; and as one of his former students I am certain that there is no better way to become an artist than to learn and grow from his practice."

- Lucia 
My experience with ALLMINDS has been excellent: the courses are taught by professionals working in the arts, the facilities used are spacious, and each course is provided my excellent materials. The material taught in the course goes beyond simple technique: you learn about the current state of art industry, and learn about prolific artists and their impact. By putting the material taught into context, it reaffirmed my interest in the arts. Everyone at ALLMINDS is very supportive, and I learned a lot from their wonderful courses. 
- Stephanie

Partner Feedback


"Stephen Preece, both as art educator and pedagogue, demonstrates a rare ability to speak the minds and hearts of students from all backgrounds, engaging them and challenging them to develop the necessary skills that will help them respond better to the 21st century challenges. We are honoured and lucky to have Mr. Preece as an indispensable member of our art@CMS team!"

- Dr. Angelos Alexopoulos, Education & Outreach Officer, CMS Experiment, CERN


Client Feedback

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